Mommy Tips


Don’t feel bad about ignoring or saying no to visitor requests – stay in your bubble for as long as you can.


Stock up on plenty of natural oils to moisturise your skin . The sudden drop in hormones post-baby can cause very dry skin 


Buy a nice water bottle to keep by your bed and with you at all times. Nursing is thirsty business!


Have a friend on speed dial that you can call at anytime if and when the blues set in – with no judgement of course – this will help you to no end.


You don’t need to use any soap or shampoo on a new baby...just water,  but a pure organic oil is great to apply after bath time for a short massage.


Eating nutritious food is essential for new mothers. Whether you are recovering from surgery, a long birth, or just exhausted from sleepless nights, feeding and emotions (this applies to every new mother), it is so important to fuel your body with fortifying foods that will give you real energy (not sugar!). 


Line up play dates for your older kids, if you have them, so you have some scheduled distractions ready.


Don’t waste your money on fancy dresses or cute jeans for babies under 6 months – they live in babygros and onesies.


Get outside – it’s the best medicine.


Remember that if you are breastfeeding, all you’ll want to wear is button-down shirts. 


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